Personal marketing, personal brand, self-marketing – your step-by-step plan

Personal marketing, personal brand, self-marketing – your step-by-step plan

A personal brand is not just about social networks. Jennifer Aniston did not have Instagram until just recently, Roman Abramovich did not have Facebook: does this mean they do not have their brand? But it just so happens that the formula “personal marketing = social networks” is considered proven. So that’s what we’ll talk about, with concrete evidence on hand.


Below we’ll share a concept that does not duplicate the approaches of previous authors and contains both principles (that will not be outdated in 5 or 25 years) and in particular, what can be applied today. 


  1. The function gives birth to the form 

The world, unfortunately, is not created by altruists. Thousands of years ago, people united with each other not out of boredom, but to survive as a species or group. Gradually, each society formed a hierarchy, at the basis of which some people managed others (using them to achieve group and personal goals). And no one was not involved in mutual exploitation of each other. 


The role of a person in society often depends on what kind of person performs a function. “What do you do?” – is a question each person asks when they meet someone (offline or when they first meet in social networks).

And that’s why all your profile has to answer it. The clearer, the better. This will help you quickly fit into different hierarchies. 


We can think of ourselves whatever we want, while the others look at us with one question: “What can we get from this person?” Remember, the world is not created by altruists. So, define your function for the people around you – and they are more willing to reach out to you.


  1. Even a more important question. 

Turns out it exists. And that question is “why”? Of course, it doesn’t cancel the previous one, but “why?” has greater power over “what?”. Look at one of the most famous performances on TED, where Simon Sinek proves that thesis perfectly. And he even wrote a book about it, “Start with Why.”

If the content you create goes past the question – the personal brand cannot be established, because people have a kind of security filter, through which strangers are not allowed in. It’s only by learning about your motives and values that they open doors to you. Until you get an answer to the question of why you do it and close to your inner world will not let you near. 

So, at least once a month, or even more often, answer the question “why?” as interesting and convincing as possible in your posts or articles in mass media.

Be sure to watch Sinek’s speech. It will be useful for a lifetime, I’m not exaggerating. This is one of the most famous appearances on TED by a number of views.


  1. Too bright colors hurt the eyes

If possible, do not hold one extreme position: do not be bright red or too white. Monotonous people get bored quickly. And radicality is a very short resource. 

At first, it will add to your audience, but if you feed it typical content, one day it will stop being interesting to them. 

Have an opinion, have a position, but show it from different angles, adding a variety of content to it. 

Create a personal marketing plan, content plan, something really interesting and useful to a wide range of readers, not just a narrow TA. 


  1. Just once. 

Remember the song: “The gardens in our souls bloom only once”. What am I talking about? When you write your posts more than once a day – you “liquefy” yourself; it’s like diluting expensive wine with water: the taste from you will not be the same. 

Some people upload 6-10 photos a day during trips, write short irritating posts on a sick subject on Facebook – 3-4 times a day, or vice versa. It is a huge disadvantage because the law of dialectics about the transition of quantity to quality here works on the contrary. 

It’s optimal to post 2-4 times a week, you can even do it less often. Even posting every day is not the best option (although there are still disputes). Allow people to accumulate interest in you during these pauses. This can be called the “cardiogram principle”: There should be rest between the peaks, that’s normal.


  1. Double-check it. 

Situational and not fully thought-through posts are not the best way to go. “It takes silent days to hear yourself,” is an old Indian saying. 

Spontaneity isn’t always the best friend. I’ve got an idea, I want to say it, hold it a little bit. Think about it, spin it. At some point it will turn into new faces and shine inside – then it can be shown to others, not earlier. “A well-spoken word is better than an aptly thrown axe,” say the same Indians. And it’s better to listen to them.


  1. I am my job 

Regular posts about your work could inspire only the screenwriter, which will create a secondary character based on your stories. The type that is obsessed with something one (and the viewer is nice to laugh at such characters). 

If you want to build the image of the main character (as you are), you need more pronounced facets, which should be interesting to observe and associate with you. 

If you want a 3D image, work on at least three basic themes about yourself.

The 3D-effect is a strong thing, so it is better not to be flat, to be armed with three themes (for example), and to utilize them equally.


  1. Evaluate what to comment on. 

In the times of hype and post-truth, there is a great temptation to respond to every occasion, ridiculous statement, random situation. Many people do, and… they just mix up their opinions in this variety of voices. 

The man’s dignity also manifests itself in the fact that he can afford not to plunge into emotions and too “everyday” things. If it’s already raining, you don’t have to stop and water the tree you were passing. 

Your main task is to be different, stand out, and be unique. 


  1. Everybody’s different

Create posts about someone other than yourself: partners, unique people, professionals, etc. At best, it’s a kind of co-branding (and it’s great), and in other moments it still works for you. 

Someone to praise, celebrate, admire, even with someone to enter into a reasonable polemic – all this only adds interest and respect for you. Dale Carnegie’s phrase works well: “The deepest desire of human nature is the desire to be meaningful”. 

My university professor generally had the theory that in the process of communication we seem to confirm the fact of each other’s existence, and global loneliness is like death, because some part inside us does not understand whether we are alive or dead, until it is reported from outside. 

The desire to get more likes is, as it turns out, the basic need of humanity. That’s why social networks flooded the whole world in the shortest possible time, and their creators became one of the richest people on the planet.


  1. Flaws: I’m lovin’ it. 

Self-irony and sense of humor are great tools. Trying to look perfect at all times or trying to make an impression of a person without flaws is like tiptoeing all day: fatigue will take its toll sooner or later. That’s why you need to be free to express yourself, where you are a normal living person. It is a rare ability to present your faults competently and to be able to make jokes about yourself. 

Besides, self-irony is a sign of intelligence. It’s always a sign. No fool will ever laugh at himself in his life, but he will always gladly wait for the moment to make fun of others. 


  1. Together forever… 

The greatest value you can give your readers is the value of working together. Even Confucius wrote: “Tell me – and I will forget, show me – and I will remember, let me do it – and I will understand. 

So, communicate in a way that allows you to get involved in what you do. Write the post in a way that you want to repost or comment on it. From contact with you online. 

You have to learn to give – you have to learn (we know how to take everything with just an innate instinct from childhood). And this is the ability to give/transfer something in such a way that after that you would like to interact – of course, the main skill in building personal marketing.


P.S. “What about the ability to attract attention?” 

Yes, very often we think that personal brand could only be established by the ones who praise themselves in every way, not a day does by without a hype, has many subscribers, and so on. But about this strategy, Marlon Brando said it’s like sitting on a sugar throne in the pouring rain. It works just for a little while. 

And then there will be nothing left, and no one will notice the loss of another person who attracted attention, the vacant position which will immediately take someone younger and more modern. 

It’s better to be yourself. Better yet, to be yourself with others.


A step-by-step personal marketing plan for 3 months will help monetize your name.

  1. Think of a strategy for 3-6 months:
  • Write what you need a personal brand for;
  • you need to understand your strengths and what to focus on when building – personal qualities that will contribute to your growth and promotion;
  • understand what your value to others is – to identify or begin to shape your expertise.
  1. Think through the content, find 5-7 people in the media field, and explore them, find those who impress you, mark for yourself their strengths.
  2. Make a content plan for the week because of what you want to broadcast and what is going on in your life.
  3. Come up with a story. Storytelling comes in best. It could be the story of your life, which led you to think about creating personal marketing and touching this book. As a last resort, start keeping your Instagram as a living diary. If you have the expertise or professional activity, start packing it.
  4. Discover your personal qualities, values, views. Give examples, tell about yourself, and the people around you.
  5. Write out 30 people you would like to meet on Instagram and start writing proposals to them to meet them. Invite them to meetings.
  6. Show photos at Instagram after meetings with these people, write conclusions after meetings, mark these people – you pump yourself up, you pump up your blog. Celebrate each other and offer to subscribe to each other.
  7. Give value in posts – people, information, interesting content.

The best way to promote yourself is with quality content. Remember: the whole point of creating a personal brand is to create your name and reputation, and that as many people as possible learn about you and recognize you, follow you.



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