Pay Per Click affiliate programs: complete guide

If you’re think about Pay per click (PPC) affiliate programs, chances are you either have a website that can make you money, or you are looking for one where you can place the ads of your service or business. Here in the article you’ll find out what are the best programs, but let’s sort out how exactly they work.

Definition of pay per click affiliate programs

Basically, these are platforms that aggregate large amounts of websites of various themes. These websites have all sorts of advertising blocks on them: banners, clickable text links, pop-over banners, video ads and so on.

An advertiser registers on the platforms, picks the themes and categories that best describe their website, proceeds to a simple validation process and then – voila! – they’re ready to buy ads. From there, the advertisers can set up ad campaigns: upload their creatives (banners, videos, text ads), set up bidding strategies and budgets, and so on.

For example, Google AdSense is one of the most well-known pay per click affiliate programs. They have a vast base of partner websites, called GDN (Google Display Network) and these websites earn money for placing ads. They get paid for clicks or sometimes views – depending on the bidding model chosen by the advertiser.

The other way they’re called is traffic monetization service.

All sorts of websites can enjoy the benefits of PPC affiliate programs: blogs, news websites, forums, and so on. They can be old or new, large or small – and their income will mostly depend on the traffic they have.

List of 13 pay per click affiliate programs you should try now

    1. Google AdSense
    2. Amazon Associates
    3. RevenueHits
    4. Adblade
    5. MintClicks
    6. Infolinks
    7. Bidvertiser
    8. Taboola
    9. VigLink
    10. Media.net
    11. Skimlinks
    12. Outbrain
    13. Adsterra




How to choose a pay per click affiliate programs?

First of all, feel free to use any of the above. These are the programs that are scam-free, they have been on the market for years and years. They have earned their reputation, you don’t need to worry that you won’t receive your money or anything like that.

But of course, there are loads of other similar websites and new ones appear daily.

Here’s how you can choose:

  1. Find out when the program was launched. If it’s new – perhaps testing it is not the smartest decision. Give it some time, wait until they gain credibility.
  2. Look for reviews or recommendations. You can ask around, google, check their reviews on facebook or review aggregators like TrustPilot.
  3. Never ever make up-front payments!


How do you succeed as an advertiser?

There are several very simple rules, but very important ones:

  1. Create unique content. Otherwise you won’t have any organic traffic and your website won’t grow. It;s really important to update your content all the time, create in-depth articles, and make sure your content is really different and well-known.
  2. Create content of a good quality and avoid delicate subjects. Otherwise the advertisers wouldn’t want to work with you.
  3. Never ever even think of fraud clicks. You will get banned instantly.

How do you succeed as a website owner?

  1. Carefully pick the platforms you advertise on.
  2. Think of your bidding strategies.
  3. Allocate a budget that is enough to run some tests.

I assume that you already have a website with some traffic or at least you’re creating one. Joining an affiliate program can be a great way to make some money! It’s easy too: basically you’ll need to register and paste a piece of code on your website. Then, you can choose how many ad placements you want to have on your website, you can add just a few small blocks or add more aggressive ad placements, but in this case the bounce rate could get higher.

What to be aware of?

As an advertiser, you are pretty much safe.

Back in the day, there used to be lots of fraud and false clicks. Basically, a person or a program could make fake clicks, so that the advertiser had to pay for clicks that never really occurred and never led to purchases. Detecting them was kind of easy because the time spent on the websites was normally very short. Now, you don’t need to worry about it. pay per click affiliate programs are able to detect this sort of behaviour when it occurs and you won’t get charged for them. Even if you do detect fake clicks, all you need to do is contact the support of the platform and they will refund you all the money for those fraud clicks.

As a website owner, just make sure to find enough reviews of the pay per click affiliate programs you work with, make sure they make regular payments. And remember to pay taxes! 🙂 


Affiliate programs can be a great source of income and they are very beneficial both for website owners and for advertisers.

The straightforward truth is that to locate the best potential for your financial future worldwide of affiliate marketing, your finest option is to expand while still preserving your core brand identification. For instance, using points like PPC affiliate advertising together with traditional affiliate advertising will help you enhance income streams and create revenue from various resources. In doing so, you must remember that your general brand name identification as well as niche location of focus can’t be ignored. If you’ll keep those principles in mind, you need to be able to get better arise from your initiatives.

Affiliate marketing is a sensible way to make money and organize your life in various methods. However it’s essential that you go about it properly. The info above ought to help make it simpler to do just that and to start moving towards making your utmost goals and dreams a fact.

Stay true to your objectives. It can take over a year to ultimately begin seeing benefit from your initiatives on the planet of PPC affiliate advertising, and lots of who enter the field end up giving up prior to they reach their real possibility. If you don’t stay concentrated on your goals, you’ll never have the ability to reach them.

PPC associate websites permit you to join various affiliate programs, and also some might be PPC affiliate advertising and marketing chances. You might be spent for lead generation, click-throughs, impact ads, and their follow-throughs, as well as extra. This might imply that you’re paid whenever somebody goes to a web site from your affiliate web links, that you’re paid when somebody register for an e-newsletter or a form, or something else entirely. This differs from other sorts of affiliate advertising in which marketers are paid a commission on sales that they create.


Just like various other sorts of associate advertising and marketing, Pay Per Click associate advertising specialists are basically independent marketing professionals. You can pick which programs to join and also which firms and even products you wish to concentrate on. After that, you’ll take your own steps to generate results. There will certainly be no expenses costs in your corner, and you’ll make money based on the structure set up by the program.


Ppc ads utilized to be among the most significant locations of internet marketing for associate online marketers, yet today these marketing initiatives are rarer than other kinds as numerous PPC business, such as Google Adwords, have strict standards for affiliates. Still, there are numerous chances available for those who are serious about offering themselves superb money making chances, and also PPC affiliate advertising and marketing is one that is worth taking a look at.



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