Marketing automation specialist: job description, skills, salary

Marketing automation specialist: job description, skills, salary

Marketing automation is about minimizing the time and effort invested in routine processes in the marketing team by utilizing software.

The main function of automation is to simplify and boost the work in the following areas of marketing:

  • Content creation and distribution
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Measuring results

With automation, common tasks get a new dimension:

  • As opposed to sending out emails manually, you send out various trigger emails based on specific customer actions.
  • Collecting and analyzing customer data becomes more accurate.
  • Audience segmentation allows for automatic correction of interaction with the customer according to segment characteristics.
  • It takes way less time to analyze marketing channels.

The main point is to minimize the negative impact of the human factor because when it comes to working with large amounts of data, even one small error can collapse all the results of your work.

What types of businesses benefit from marketing automation?

Spoiler: nearly every type.

  • Any business that has clients.
  • Any business that wants to automate business processes
  • Any business that is tired of paying huge salaries
  • Any business that is tired of kicking employees
  • Any business that is tired of the routine.

Whether you are selling yachts or dog food, there are different tools for different needs. Naturally, there is a core around which all processes are built. If you are skeptical about new technologies, I encourage you to open your mind and let new information come in. This is very important.

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Benefits of marketing automation

1. Saving time and money

One of the main advantages of implementing marketing automation systems is the minimization of marketing costs. No, no, we are not talking about the need to fire the marketer, we are talking about the fact that now your marketer will bring more benefit and, as a result, money.

This includes optimization of such things as email marketing, customer data collection, timely response to a particular customer action, segmentation of the audience and analysis of communication channels. Also, cost savings are also made by training company employees in the context of a single centralized platform, which contains a full range of necessary tools.

2. Centralization of efforts

Thanks to the fact that marketing automation integrates all tools into one, there is a complete centralization of efforts. You no longer have to use multiple diverse tools, all of them will now be integrated with one another. This allows the marketing department to focus its efforts on lead generation, lead processing and campaign creation in one place.

This increases the quantity, and most importantly the quality, of the leads involved, automates personalized campaigns, customizes processes to fuel audience interest, including multiple channels of communication, and completely segregates the leads: from their gender and age to a specific geolocation.

3. It is easy to measure and improve

Cross-cutting analytics and omnipotence give you complete insight and transparency into the efficiency of all phases of your funnel, marketing, and exhaust.

Detailed end-to-end analytics in tandem with lead-scoring and real-time activity functionality allows you to correctly allocate effort, build and improve strategies for timely customer interaction at any stage of the funnel, reduce the cost of customer acquisition (CAC), as well as provide more accurate targeting according to audience segments.

4. Effective interaction between the marketing and sales departments

Effective interaction between departments depends on the integration of CRM and AM systems, thanks to which all data can be received in real-time. AM transfers new lids to the CRM system, complements the profiles of existing lids and progresses the client from stage to stage on the sales funnel.

In the CRM-system, it is possible to load a database of already existing contacts, their statuses and custom fields, which are used in AM for further customization and deep segmentation. Client data integration takes place in real-time, when one of the managers wants to edit the Client card.

At the same time, the Sales Department may at any moment, by changing the Client’s status, transfer it to AM for reheating or returning it if the Client has previously refused a product or service. As a result, marketing is and is only responsible for the upper stages of the funnel, while the Sales Department is responsible for closing the Clients already ready for purchase – “packaging”.

5. Loyal customers instead of one-time purchases.

Repeated, additional or cross-selling depends largely on customer loyalty. Lead heating processes in AM are implemented to tell the Buyer about a product or service, which will help to encourage the Buyer to make a decision about buying.

Building processes is only a technical task when the success of campaigns lies in a unique content, which is aimed at the emotions of the buyer, his impulsive purchases. Research company Corporate Executive Board (CEB) notes that a 20% increase in ease of decision making leads to a 96% increase in customer loyalty, an 86% increase in the probability of buying, and a 115% increase in the probability of being recommended.

Want to increase sales and customer loyalty? Take care of the simplicity of the offer and the decision-making process and start nurturing the interests of your customers rather than waiting for them to contact you.

6. Increase Customer Lifespan Value (LTV).

CAC, CTR, churn, number of conversions and other metrics whose indicators can give a certain idea of the effectiveness of marketing efforts. However, from the financial perspective, they are indicative only in tandem with the calculated LTV.

Its calculation will help to know exactly which channels bring you the best (profitable) clients. Understanding the effectiveness of each channel to attract customers will help redistribute the costs inherent in the marketing strategy of your business, and therefore save and understand how much money can be spent to attract or retain customers.

Proper automation of marketing minimizes the efforts of the marketer to boring tasks and allows him to focus on the tasks of strategic and managerial order, where his fresh ideas are required daily.

Marketing automation flow

In what areas a marketing automation specialist in the most needed

Automation is carried out in all areas of marketing:

  • Content Marketing and Content Distribution
  • PPC advertising campaigns
  • Lead-gen marketing
  • Mailings and customer service (email, SMS, calls, push, chatbots).
  • Automation of delivery and payment processing in e-commerce.
  • Cross-cutting marketing analytics.
  • Mobile marketing automation.

For different directions in marketing, there is a large number of tools. The total number includes more than 7000 software products.

It is extremely important to choose “your” automation tools correctly, to carry out their mutual integration to build an effective marketing system on the most complete data at your disposal.

Very often entrepreneurs are looking for one software that will close all their questions. I want to say right away that there is no such software. Each software has its advantages, and you need to learn how to link them to exchange data. There is no one pill that cures everything.

Marketing automation manager salary

A mid-career Marketing Automation Manager with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $81,426 based on 197 salaries. An experienced Marketing Automation Manager with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $88,010 based on 85 marketing automation manager salaries.

Does marketing automation work for small businesses?

Growth is amongst the most complicated problems bothering many small companies today. Not because the necessary professional talent is lacking but the restricted spending plan often hinders that forward dynamism. Marketing automation will help even the power balance in this situation.

When it comes to small business, marketing automation is a must.

Here is how even a small company can benefit:

  • Improved accountability of marketing & sales teams – now you can see their actions and reactions. See actual numbers and performance of each campaign.
  • Be more effective – Once the repetitive tasks are gone, you will have freed more time for other tasks.
  • Less repetition, more creativity – Since you do not have to execute each step of the marketing plan, you can now concentrate on improving and inventing new ones.
  • Target potential customers across multiple channels – All channels on one platform for the best target reach. Simultaneously have one client view.
  • Repurpose existing content – Through marketing automation, you can give your existing content a second life by setting up automated rules to recommend content that educates your leads and customers over the customer lifecycle.
  • Better reporting on what’s working and what’s not – Now you can see how your marketing approach performs on various channels and overall.
  • Know exactly when to call – You can set up alerts to see which pages they’re looking at in real-time. This insight enables you to pick up the phone to qualified leads at the exact moment that they’re thinking about your company.
  • Automatically follow-up with leads – it is more likely to qualify a lead if you follow up within one hour, opposed to waiting 24 hours.
  • More data
  • Great customer service

These are the main ways of how marketing automation can help small businesses.

Where can I find a marketing automation consultant gig?

Here’s a shortlist of the most popular websites where you can start looking for jobs:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Upwork
  • Xing
  • LinkedIn

Keep in mind that most jobs require years of consulting/professional services experience, with at least a few years of marketing automation design & implementation experience.

You could always join a marketing automation agency. This way you’ll be able to focus solely on marketing and not spend time looking for customers.


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