B2B web marketing trends 2020

B2B web marketing trends 2020

Let’s recall the classic issues of digital marketing in b2b and forecast what to do with them in 2020.


The digital transformation of the business as a general phenomenon occurs before our eyes. But achievements are being implemented and applied in different areas with varying degrees of success. Stories, gamification, video advertising from influencers are not being shot everywhere. And perhaps the most conservative market in this sense is b2b. On the other hand, well-proven tools lose their effectiveness and financial attractiveness even for large companies. Therefore, b2b web marketing experts will explore a trend of a not-so-ordinary digital to enhance their b2c or b2b marketing funnels.


PPC advertising


An excellent tool for the primary attraction of target traffic with formed demand. Only the cost of a click is constantly growing. Bidders and cunning strategies help to keep afloat but do not save much.

And we understand that switching to the site is not like selling. Often it doesn’t equal any of the conversion actions at all.

You can only nostalgia about the lack of time, when even in b2b attracted through advertising person could “come, see and buy. And in bulk. But now, in the era of surplus, cycles of decision making are sometimes counted in several quarters. And by itself, without a link to other tools, the context pays off less and less often, including if you dream about LTV.

In many topics of search phrases, related to the sphere of b2b, not so much. In other words, it is often problematic to guarantee target traffic. Therefore, a business can give context only on its commercial keys, losing some potential customers, and even getting letters of happiness like the status of “Little show”. Or you can work with a wider semantics and pay for untargeted visitors (not only money but also the deterioration of behavioral factors on the site). Of course, the correct ad texts and minus-words help filter traffic and save the advertising budget. But to level out this factor, alas, you can not.

Illustration of web marketing experts

In 2020, we will see even more targeted advertising on all available sites. More content projects, events, and integration, designed to promote the company’s brand. And for search issuance – more SEO (including through video, PDF-documents, and posts in social networks). And, of course, marketing mixes.

In some cases, “he who interferes with us, he will help us. When promoting products a good (inexpensive) alternative to the usual contextual advertising can be aggregators of search engines themselves – Google Ads and Google Merchant.


Targeted advertising offers a challenge for PPC specialists


It’s still a long way to the scorched earth here, but the heating of the auctions is also available. Concerning the b2b sector, the problem is also that you compete with a wide variety of businesses, not only with your direct competitors. 

Thus our hero is not only the official but also simply the person with incomes. And so in the advertising auction, we will add car dealerships, travel agencies, banks, construction companies, sellers of household appliances, clothing and footwear, representatives of the catering and entertainment industry.

This is a war of all against all.

Web marketing b2b

Nevertheless, in targeting and segmentation in 2020 I see the most optimism, and so do most PPC consultants. And it is not a technical solution to the problem of showing the commercial offer to the right people that comes to the forefront. Everything is clear here: targeting by e-mail and mobile phone numbers, hyperlocal targeting, targeting by interests and positions in social networks, by competitors and intentions, opportunities for software advertising.

Another thing – how will you breakthrough “banner blindness” when you win a show in an advertising auction? What will you choose words, colors, location of graphic elements?

In the old days of low bids and high conversion rates, this task was solved purely statistically. We used to rotate a lot of creatives, to sum up, intermediate results, to choose the best option, to scale the result. But this is the year 2020. In conditions of total competition, the business simply does not have enough money or time for such experiments. So, you have to think before, not after the start of the advertising campaign.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new and controversial topic. Without taking sides, I see great benefit to all those who next year will address their advertising messages are not digital portraits, and live people with live stories and emotions.

Profiling potential interlocutors are not know-how at all. But so far it has been used, as a rule, in offline communication, negotiations, telephone sales. We are only beginning to think about the possibility of using psychotypes, mentality and “costs of professions” in digital marketing, especially in the field of b2b. We have to. For before, I repeat, and without it, all worked.

Whether you outsource PPC or have an in-house specialist – keep in mind that they’re going to have to adapt.


Web marketing experts utilize segmentation


Thus, in 2020 I see a serious development of personalization. And it’s not some comic strip in the form of substitution of the recipient’s name in the body of an e-mail. It is, if we continue to talk about e-mail marketing, a clear understanding that the text of one message should be full of numbers, and as illustrations, we need graphics, because this is what the addressee lives by, this is how he thinks and makes decisions.

And to another person, we will sell the same product (or service), appealing to his or her leadership qualities, challenging him or her, offering him or her the most expensive thing – something that only the chosen ones can afford.

And for the third person, PR is important thanks to the case.

And the fourth will buy the same product largely because the percentage of profit (i.e. his money) we give to charity.

Any coincidence with Tony Robbins advertising company, as you understand, is accidental.

In the same way, we will approach the images and texts of the advertisement. The creation of landing pages. Webinar programs and even quotes from their speakers’ biographies.

Increased conversion, retargeting and staff training.

Since in b2b web marketing every targeted visit to the site is almost by the weight of bitcoin (during its heyday), we are obliged to get the most out of the visit. Most likely, a person will not make an immediate order or call, will not write to an online consultant, will not order a price by post. But we have already caught him in pixels of social networks and auditorium segments of search engines. Now we’re gonna retarget. And in the coming year, it is very important to do it not in a clumsy way, but according to an approximate scheme of decision-making. Consistently remove objections, demonstrate competitive advantages, methodically enrich the card of a potential client in CRM. And there are no options “to do or not to do”.

Most likely, competitors already use something similar. So, to just stay where you are – you have to run, and to move – you have to run very fast.

If a visitor has made a micro-conversion, say, asked a question in a chat room, then your operator in the same second should turn into an experienced Turkish merchant. Get as much information out of the visitor as possible! Talk, demonstrate expertise, form the maximum value before answering the question about the price.

2020 is a time of thoughtful little things that affect conversion at least one iota (for sale, a call, a letter or an entry on a free webinar). Dynamic content substitution (depending on the source of conversion), internal search, usability… Everything has to be polished.

Total digitalization, auto b2b marketing funnels and all kinds of “sales tunnels” work best where transactional business processes prevail. B2b is mostly the opposite story. And here the human factor (read: relationship) can be both a weak link and a growth point. I think many people have heard stories about how transactions were broken down because of rudeness, laziness, political disputes, illiteracy in correspondence, posts in social networks. And vice versa: professional sales, an account manager or even a technical support specialist can be a decisive factor in deciding whether to start or continue business cooperation, even with those who have higher prices.

Concerning b2b web marketing in 2020, it will be extremely important not only to train and retrain staff but also to give them the tools of digital communication (direct and indirect) with potential and existing customers. In Russian, this may be a timely letter sent (not necessarily a selling letter). It can be a promotional post that “accidentally” flashed in the LPR tape a couple of days before the final negotiations with him. Or a webinar where they don’t sell you anything except the idea that real pros are working in a company like this.

Yes, all the above is quite difficult, requires a lot of preparatory work, intellectual and time resources. And all they’re saying is that they’re talking about digital.

Here I must remind you that during the gold rush, sellers of shovels earn the most. And during the digital fever, services, developers, and integrators.

Certainly, you should pay lots of attention to various channels in your marketing strategy, test various creatives, but remember: weather b2b or b2c, it’s always human to human. 



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