Advertising management 101: defined and explained

Advertising management 101: defined and explained

Advertising is basically a distribution of the company’s information to the customer. A kind of communication between buyers and manufacturers. Its purpose is to stimulate demand for the product or service it communicates.

The speed of development of this industry is great around the world. Involvement in it such branches as economy and manufacture, huge human resources has allowed it to turn to a separate kind of activity – advertising business. Quality management of activities in this industry, as in any other, is the key to success and is called advertising management.
The term management can be deciphered as the art of achieving goals, using the motives of behavior and intelligence of people. Leaders who achieve the tactical and strategic goals of an organization through the use of human capabilities.

Professionally fit for the work of a manager, a person makes the presence of certain specific personal qualities, great special training and ability to achieve results through other people.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to continuous change, knowledge of advertisement management methods and understanding of the situation are essential components of effective leadership.

The individual approach is just as important. By providing reliable feedback to subordinates, the leader successfully solves the problems of human communication that have developed in the team.

A modern manager plays several “roles” in his activity:

  • Gained power and managing the team – the manager;
  • A leader with an advertising degree who can lead his subordinates using his authority and professionalism;
  • Overcoming internal and external conflicts and establishing contacts with partners and authorities – the diplomat;
  • Through the possession of high moral qualities, guiding the team in the right direction – tutor;
  • An innovator who correctly assesses the role of science in the modern world and who can introduce a certain “know-how” into production without delay;
  • Simply a person who has versatile abilities, deep knowledge, personal development, capable of being a model.


High-class managers are distinguished by their skills:

  • To predict the strategy of development of the firm, the competitiveness of let out production (to estimate the factors influencing it), clearly and argumentatively to prove own ideas;
  • Formulate goals, understand the personality of employees, give an adequate assessment, maintain a moral and psychological climate and smooth out conflict situations;
  • Make decisions in conditions of uncertainty, through analysis, forecasting and economic evaluation;
  • Achieve your goals by organizing yourself and your team;
  • Be a dispatcher, coordinator, and distributor of resources;
  • Delegate responsibilities and functions by level;
  • Encourage employees;
  • Develop the organization to improve product quality and reduce inputs;
  • Use time efficiently and effectively;
  • Continuously improve their personal qualities and skills;
  • To set personal high goals, to express themselves.

In the advertising business, the manager is a specialist in coordination, organization and advertising management, at all stages of its implementation. Highlights his activities in the advertising business – the possible versatility of the functions performed, depending on where he works.

The advertising manager can act as:

  • Seller of advertising services (advertises his agency or is an employee of an organization that provides funds for advertising);
  • the Buyer (acts on behalf of the production company, hiring individual specialists or an advertising agency to perform an order to advertise the goods of the company);
  • The manager is the regular employee of an advertising agency, can act as the Buyer ordering to the client time and a place for placing of advertising materials;
  • An advertising agent, independent from advertising organizations, acting as their intermediary.

In most cases, the managers are the coordinators of the process of creation, distribution of advertising and are also responsible for its impact on consumers.

The “Ideal Image” of an advertising business manager is an authoritative organizer and coordinator of the creative team, advertising creators and other employees involved in this process.
Having assessed his ability to find specialists and stimulate their activity, the possession of personal and business qualities of the organizer, educator, psychologist and sociologist, partner and colleague can determine his level of professionalism.

The ability to avoid and resolve misunderstandings and problems in the team is also a very important quality in this work. Taking into account the creative component of this activity is necessary – the combination of partner environment in the team and strict requirements for the created advertising (timing, quality).

Performing the function of stimulation is one of the main in the work. The growth of young personnel and the competitiveness of the company is achieved by the ability to influence individual people, differentiated methods of moral and material reward.

A characteristic feature of advertising in recent decades, is the rapid pace of development of the industry, ahead of other areas of society. Covering broad aspects of the economy and production, as well as huge human resources, advertising has become a separate kind of life – advertising business.

At this stage of development, this industry is highly competitive and centralized capital. Companies, global agencies, and associations accumulated in large media (investments of large trade and industrial enterprises).

Self-development, advertising has a huge impact on various areas of cultural life. This phenomenon can be noticed in the development of such spheres as theatre, culture, and literature. Advertising does not bypass the ethical, aesthetic norms of relations between people.
The positive or negative effect of advertising on modern society, in the field of cultural and social relations, is unknown. But already now, we can assume that over time, it will have more and more new functions that meet the needs of people.


If you were thinking of applying to advertising masters programs – hope this article helped!


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