10 methods of audience engagement in social media + bonus: 11 posts ideas

10 methods of audience engagement in social media + bonus: 11 posts ideas

SMM specialists know that Facebook and Instagram have special algorithms for showing publications. With its help, the social network assesses the “quality” of the post by the q-ty of likes and comments, and then shows the most popular posts to the audience. The more comments the post receives, the more likely it is that followers will see it in the news feed.

A high audience engagement rate increases the coverage of the publication.

Communication in comments helps build trust with the audience and increase their loyalty to the brand. This means that it will be easier for customers to decide to make the purchase. Below you can find 10 ways to increase the number of comments in a publication.

Method 1. Consider the interests of your target audience in your content plan.
Analyze your target audience, determine what they are interested in. What literature your subscribers read, what music they listen to, what news they’ll be interested in, and what news they’ll ignore. Create a content plan for your page based on the results.
For example, if you sell expensive men’s watches, you should not write about where to find a cheap business lunch. People will not understand you and will unsubscribe. Instead, explain how to choose the right watch for your suit, or advise the most fashionable restaurants in town.

Remember: if you don’t know your audience – no audience engagement activities or tools would work.

Method 2. Analyze the content of your competitors
If you don’t know where to start and what to write about, analyze your competitor’s pages. Which posts are most popular, which publications get the most comments. Create a content plan based on the information you receive.

Method 3. Regularly review and revise the content plan.
Track your audience’s reaction to a particular post. Even if your competitors had similar content, your subscribers may not be interested in it. Do not persist in publishing something that you think should be interesting and useful, but does not cause the right response. Think about your readers: write about what they want to read.

Method 4. Share useful material.
Educational content is very popular. Even when accessing social networks for entertainment, readers are looking for benefits. The audience will be grateful if you tell them something valuable: share your life story, make a book review, or give them a checklist.

Method 5. Ask questions
Ask about what you care about, the audience response must be important. People like to give advice, and if you’re an expert, it’s going to be even more satisfying for them.

Method 6. Launch surveys
Surveys are one of the best working audience engagement tools. Launch them in comments simply by asking your subscribers to vote for stuff. For example, you can ask who of your audience listens to rock and who prefers classics. Not only will you encourage people to comment, but you’ll also get to know your target audience better.

Method 7. Share your pains and challenges
Share something frank with your audience. Something that annoys you hurts you, or, conversely, triggers positive emotions. Such a post can evoke an emotional response from the audience, lead them to thoughts, arguments, which they will share in comments.
Just do not try to deceive anyone and share a fictional problem – people feel fake even through the screen.

Method 8. Include audience engagement games
There are many simple games like “Finish the Phrase” or “Give me the page number and I’ll tell you what the book says”. People like to be interactive and willing to participate in such entertainment.

Mode 9. Launch contests and giveaways
People love contests and they boost audience engagement. They can be both serious, complex marathons and simple, random pranks. For example, ask your audience to mark their friends in comments or write “+1”. You can draw a prize among those who have left a comment under the publication.

Method 10. Surprise them.
Write something erotic, absurd, or inconvenient. Allow your audience to argue in comments: with you or with other users.
Those who want to argue about where the best beer is – 37 comments instead of the usual 5-7.

Summary. Use the following audience engagement activities

  1. Take the interests of the target audience into account when drafting your content plan.
  2. Analyze the content of your competitors
  3. Evaluate and review the content plan regularly.
  4. Share useful material.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Launch surveys.
  7. Tell them about your nagging issues.
  8. Include audience engagement games
  9. Launch contests and giveaway.
  10. Surprise them.

11 post ideas to increase audience engagement

Subscribers are waiting for a new post, and you can’t think of anything to publish? Don’t panic. Everyone’s faced a situation like this. The audience has become more demanding, you can’t surprise them that easily. Also, the constant changes in the algorithms of social networks poorly affect the statistics of profiles.

We have prepared a list of ideas that will help you not only to get out of your creative block but also to increase the engagement of subscribers, despite any innovations.

Idea 1. Favorite retouch
It’s probably one of the most favorite posts of subscribers. Although you can easily find different kinds of retouching tools on the Internet now, some still want to know the secret of creating a photo of your favorite blogger. Unveil this secret to subscribers and they will be happy. By the way, if you make a post in video format, its reach will be greater.

Idea 2. Profile creation story
Human nature always leans towards the revelation of mysteries and the desire to learn the details of other people’s lives. This explains such popularity of social networks. Everyone can follow all the people they like. Your subscribers will be interested in the story of how you decided to become a blogger. Tell us where it all started and how you succeeded. You may even inspire someone and add courage to those who are afraid to start something new.

Idea 3. A story from childhood or a funny story from life.
Almost everyone likes to read stories like this. They evoke positive emotions, and after reading them you always plunge into pleasant memories. At the end of the post, add that you expect from subscribers stories from their childhood or just funny stories. You’re guaranteed to get a lot of comments.

Idea 4. Roundups
Each of us has hobbies: whether it’s reading books, watching TV shows, listening to music or something else. If you are a movie fan, for example, you probably have a list of your favorites that you can review endlessly. Whatever it is, share with your subscribers a selection of something interesting and useful. A post like this is unlikely to go unnoticed. Well, if you write that you expect such recommendations from subscribers, then active interaction with the post is guaranteed.

Idea 5. Interview
It may be an interesting and funny question. It can be serious, requiring a more profound answer. It can be two different statements with the question of what subscribers will choose from it. Whatever it is. It all depends on your mood and fantasy. The main thing is that the questions are outside the box and make the subscriber want to answer them.

By the way, you can create a survey on what your audience likes most in your profile and vice versa. This way you’ll know what to avoid and what to focus on.

Idea 6. Truth and Lie.
Write, for example, 10 sentences with facts about yourself, but make 3-4 of them false. Invite subscribers to guess what’s true and what’s not. Promise to publish the correct answers in the next post. Make the subscribers feel like Sherlocks. That way you’ll increase the audience’s activity, interest them, and provide yourself with an idea for a new post.

Idea 7. About the opening
Bloggers have a bright and interesting life: constant meetings, trips, communication with different people, cooperation with brands. There’s no doubt that you often have discoveries. Share with subscribers what you’ve been impressed by in the last month, week, or just during a recent walk with friends. And it doesn’t matter if it was an institution, a movie, a person or a situation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good discovery or a bad one. Just tell us about it and such a post will surely evoke emotions and reactions from subscribers.

Idea 8. About motivation
Subscribers value the opinions of bloggers and are always looking forward to their advice. They will be interested to know where you get motivation and inspiration. Tell them how you overcome problems and challenges. Subscribers value revelations and love them much more than perfect posts.


Idea 9. Interactive post
Such positions often have a very high percentage of interactions. Also, they do not require a long time of preparation and flight of fancy. It can be just a short time, a mutual subscription, SFS (“shout out for shout out”), or a giveaway (a quiz with a prize) from you. Choose one of the most suitable options, come up with your terms, and observe a sharp increase in audience activity.

Idea 10. Section
Think of an unusual topic for discussion that you can often write on and that may be of interest to subscribers. Make a weekly column and publish a post on the topic, for example, every Tuesday. The main thing is that the topic is not standard. It should be something ambiguous, which will cause resonance among subscribers and desire to actively discuss it in comments. In this case, subscribers will look forward to a new post every week.


Idea 11. Add Stories.
When you publish a new post, intrigue your subscribers with information about it. For example, make a video about it or write a small part of the text and invite them to read the sequel in the post.

Since subscribers can now ask you questions in the post, use it for new ideas. There are likely to be a lot of similar questions about you on topics that the audience is most interested in. This could already be a topic for your new post. Also, you can directly ask subscribers to write about which topic they want to see the new post from you.


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